Created by Baltimore native Matthew Ward and Jessica Gerson, Tart Vodka provides an exceptionally smooth, premium quality, flavored vodka experience. We have partnered with a Master Distiller to craft the finest spirit possible. Our base mash is comprised of a triple cleaned hand picked yellow corn, from there the true magic happens.

To achieve our final smooth taste, we run our first batch through a pot still twice to concentrate the alcohol. Once concentrated, we run the Spirit through a column still four times to purify the alcohol. Each still is electronically controlled to maintain precise temperature settings throughout the distillation process. Then the Spirit is filtered through an activated carbon filter three times to purify it even more, this enhances our natural flavors. We add purified water from a reverse osmosis system to achieve our base 80 proof Vodka (the final product is 70 proof with flavoring). We take great care and pride through each step of this process to ensure the highest quality, premium Vodka is used in the TART Brand.

Tart vodka was created because we were looking for a superior tasting shot that required no prep or additional ingredients to taste great. Alcohol by nature has a bitter aftertaste and a burning sensation that can be found in your mouth, throat and chest. We prefer something that tastes good and limits those strong flavoring characteristics. Not being able to find what we wanted in the market, we created a vodka that has a sweet candy taste, great color, and the smoothest finish.

Vodka created by your neighbors, for your neighbors.